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Ursus Health Network [uHn] is an urban strategy, group project completed in Plymouth University, School of Architecture.

Ursus is an industrial site of about 180 ha, in Ursus district in Warsaw, where the Ursus tractors production used to take place. Next to different functioning businesses there is also a power station, water waste treatment facilities, power transformers etc. Apart of all that, site is full of historical, derelict production halls. uHn is a semi-public organization which creates opportunities for change within the current health care system of Poland. The key system actors are encouraged to shift from working as separate components to ones that create a collaborative network. The uHn organization facilitates a negotiation platform for exchanges between the health care systems key actors: governments, medical institutions, communities, industries and key newly formed cooperations. This system aims to address social concerns fund within the city by creating networks of knowledge + material exchanges between the key actors within the system. This creates closed loops system of exchange which operate at 3 scales (Polands, Warszaw and Ursus) to embed the diversity and resilience into that system. The ultimate aim for uHn is to move health care provision into a sustainable symbiotic network of relationships.

co authors:

Charlie Shobrook

Sarah Morgan

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