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2nd prize for the best Diploma Project 2013 from TUP (Polish Urban Planners Association)

Diploma project ‘Transformation study of the former ZPC Ursus area in Warsaw’ is a design in the field of urban planning. This project includes parts of: analysis, introduction to the main problem, theory as well as different case scenarios and a design part, which is the chosen strategy.

The ‘Ursus’ district has 9.35 square kilometers and about 50 400 inhabitants and is the smallest and most western part of the capital. In 1923 Mechanical Works factory "Ursus" was founded. Since then, this area is only identified with the production of tractors. In the ideological part of the project, the division for the 3 layers was established:

1 - functioning companies on the site: the plan is to maintain the existing production, its growth as well as the opportunity to utilize it for creation of a strong relationship between the companies.

2 - derelict, damaged halls, where the development of the small manufacturing businesses is planned. This part of the site is to create and test building materials from natural or recycled materials.

3 - newly designed spacial development, where all the non production function is set: services, commercial, educational, cultural and housing. This part is a non-production part, concerning consumption issues. Its main goal is to draw attention to the healthy lifestyle.

Urban master plan for a chosen site is the main part of the project. Additionally to ideological and spatial urban solutions there is an architecture approach, including adaptation and conversion of the industrial building.

Main goal of the project is creating the multi functional district, where single elements refers to one another. Business and production zone connects with services and commercial zones through a physical axis of the public space. It includes also educational and housing functions. Singular elements, instead of exclude one another from the system, benefit from their mutual presence. Proximity and concentration of different functions are to encourage the positive development of the district.

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