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Creative Recycling Center is a group project designed for a contest organised by city of Gdynia.

It is about designing and producing furniture, everyday use objects and structure materials from the secondary feedstock. 'Cradle to cradle' model was an inspiration for this project. It concerns education abound recycling which plays a crucial role in sustainability of nowadays cities. Programme is about collecting different types of waste, like glass, steel sheets, wood as well as small objects like alluminium cans or plastic bottles on the 3-City area.Then those materials are manufactured into new objects. Complex includes: design studios, a production hall for manufacturing, warehouses for raw, waste materials as well as for 'ready to go' objects, a store and an exhibition space, workshop and information centre, with restaurant and green public spaces. Production building itself is built on a steel construction, with ship containers used for facades. Wooden pallets and glass are used for the workshop building and recreation facilities.

co authors:

Maria Krupa

Asia Langhamer

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